Forest fires are the first destructive element of European Mediterranean forests: 500,000 ha are burned down yearly, throwing tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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icono_titulo FIRESMART Concept
FIRESMART deals with forest fire prevention. We want to highlight and disseminate base knowledge and best practices.

If you are a forest stakeholder, anywhere in the world, you can share your successful forest fire prevention practices through the FIRESMART community. If you are interested, you are welcome to join and share your experience with all the linked community.

Fire incidence in southern European forests is expected to worsen as a result of climate change; furthermore, fire prevention practices, priorities and legal frames vary considerably across Europe. Hence the need to reinforce fire prevention as one of the main corner stones of fire fighting. However, the baseline knowledge concerning forest fire preventive practices is atomized and not universally accessible to the wide stakeholder community, not even along the silvicultural chain.

The EU Support Action FIRESMART strives to:

identify obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of forest fire preventive measures, and
derive recommendations to integrate prevention practices in regular forest management plans.
FIRESMART has global and local interests on forest fire prevention practices.

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